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A jewel

Rena Ware pans are of an elegant, solid and timeless model and form a jewel in your kitchen and on the table. And that for years because of the excellent quality.
The pans consist of five layers of metal pressed together like a sandwich. The inner layers are excellent heat conductors, making the pan evenly warm. As a result, the food is heated not only - as with ordinary pans - via the bottom, but also through the walls and the lid.
The outer layers of metal are 18/8 stainless chromium-nickel steel. This layer ensures that your pans will still look new after years of intensive daily use. Rena Ware pans are the result of extremely precise precision work. Pans and lids fit perfectly together.
All Rena Ware pans work together to create a fully integrated cooking line from 1 to 27 litres that is compatible with all cooking surfaces, including induction. This is the ultimate versatility in cooking utensils.

The secret

The secret behind the Rena Ware pans is the so-called 'waterless cooking'. In short, it comes down to being boiled on low heat with little or no water. Part of the 'hanging' water forms a 'water seal' between pan and lid, so that no water can escape from the pan. The little water that is present in the pan evaporates and condenses constantly, so that it is reused every time. This means that very little energy is needed.


Because little or no water is being cooked, all aromas, all smell and taste and all vitamins, minerals and other valuable ingredients are retained and do not disappear with the cooking water in the sink.


Furthermore, this cookware set lends itself to stacked cooking. The pans are stacked on top of each other. This is possible because only very little energy is needed per pan and the pans are specially designed for it. In this way the energy is really used efficiently!


The pans look so elegant that you can put them on the table as serving dishes, which saves dishes. So you cook both tastier and healthier, easier and cheaper.


If you like cooking, you will enjoy daily enjoyment of these solid and beautiful pans. If cooking is only a daily necessity for you, then you will notice that even this need becomes more pleasant. And the gourmets will find that the meal has never tasted so good!Don't try this at home


The current cookware sets can be used on induction.

Delivery time

For all pan sets: in stock from April 2018. Models and specifications reserved.


Rena Ware Chef Set 1
549,00 incl. VAT
The Chef Set I is a great starter set.  
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Rena Ware Chef Set 2
549,00 incl. VAT
This is also a good starter set with many combinations.  
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Gourmet Set
1.299,00 incl. VAT
The versatile 17-piece Gourmet Set  
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