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What is this?

Do you have Rena Ware pans and need some side handles or knobs? Then you have found the right spot!

Who are we?

We are a married couple who have bought these pans too, in 1980. Your problem is probably the same one that we had with our pans.  The pans are superior and will last for 100 years or so. But some handles and knobs are broken after 25 or maybe 50 years. And in The Netherlands there was no Rena Ware anymore. We are sure it's the same in France and Germany.

What do we do?

In 2006 we started this 'Self Help Group' to help ourselves and many, many others. Until now we have helped thousands Rena Ware owners. Not only in The Netherlands, but even in France, Germany, Italy etc. We import the handles, button sets, etc. and resell them.
So, we sure can help you. We have in stock every spare part shown on our site.
We sell even the new cookware itself. Take a look at the Rena Ware pan sets.

New web site

Now (2018) we have started the 3rd generation of our web site / web shop because maintenance (new versions of software, all kinds of automation problems, etc.) did start to cost a lot of time.

Rena Ware

The Rena Ware story began when Dutch immigrant Fred “Pop” Zylstra and his wife Rena founded Rena Ware in 1941, choosing “water-less” cookware as the company’s core product and adopting a business model that would help others improve their lives. For over 70 years, Rena Ware has remained true to the principles upon which it was founded: honesty, integrity and courage.

RenaWare Zelfhulpgroep
Kerspelstraat 1
8271 TH  IJsselmuiden  (NL)

(+31)(0)38 332 67 00
mon. to sat. from 19.30 to 20.00
or via the contact form

KvK nr: 05078114
BTW nr: NL138425528B01

SNS Bank Nederland
IBAN: NL26 SNSB 0906 9204 93

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