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Old Rena Ware pans on induction


Can I use my old RenaWare pans on induction?

That is a question we are asked regularly and that you can only answer yourself - with a little help:

In principle, RenaWare pans are suitable for electric cooking, but ...

Whether you can use your pans on electric or induction, you can easily decide for yourself:
If the bottoms of the pans are magnetic, that is to say, a magnet will stick to the bottom, they are in principle suitable for induction cooking. There are also RenaWare cookware sets that are NOT suitable for induction! Is there '5-Ply' on the side of the pan then the pan is NOT suitable, if there is '3-Ply' on the side, then the pan is in principle suitable.
In principle, because if you have used them on natural gas, the bottom is hollow, as with all pans ever used on natural gas ...
If the bottom is not magnetic, the pan is in any case unsuitable for use on induction.

How hollow is the bottom? How do we find out? Put the pan upside down on the table, with the bottom upwards. Now place a ruler with the straight (the narrow) side over the bottom of the pan. If there is more than 5 mm space between the center of the bottom and the ruler, we advise against induction: you have more than 30% loss of energy right in the middle of the pan during the transfer from induction plate to the pan. Towards the edges, the energy transfer is getting better, so that in practice it is not that bad. If it is less than 5 mm, the losses are also less. The choice is: cooking with some energy loss (you already have a lot with electric cooking, it starts in the power plant and after the transport, there is still half of it with some luck ...!), Or new pans .
The new Rena Ware cookware sets can in any case be used on induction. More info on this on the Pans and Pan sets page.
For cooking on an ordinary electric stove, the bottom of the pan must also be as flat as possible. If the bottom is more than 5 mm in the middle, we advise against both electrical and induction.

A technical story, but hopefully we could give some clarity.

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