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Mounting the handles

The easiest way to assemble the new side handles of the type ‘Flame Guard Retro Fit’ correctly on your Rena Ware pans.

Necessary: 2 screwdrivers: a good fitting philipshead screwdriver to begin with; this gives you more steering on the screw. And big flat one to finally fixate the screw.

For the technicians: the screws which come with the handles have Withworth thread.

This type of handle fits on every Rena Ware pan made between 1954 and 1997. 

1. Put the pan upside down and remove the old side handle.  Get the new screw in the new side handle and put the handle in the stainless steel case. The folded seam in the case is the underside of the handle.

At 4 the litre pan - the pan with the handles upside down - the seam is the upper side of course …  and there is no need to put this pan upside down.
2. Place the philipshead screwdriver in the screw and bring the screw fore the hole in the flap of the pan. You now just can see where the hole is. Turn the screw 2 turns. If the screw runs heavily now already, then it is not properly fitted in the hole. Unscrew and start over again.
3. Now push the stainless steel case against the pan and roll over the handle upward. Turn the screw further. If the screw almost immediately runs heavily, check if the screw went awry. If so: unscrew and start over again with 2 - this way you prevent damage to the screw and flap.
4. If the screw runs heavily whereas the handle is not stuck yet, then the head of the screw is possibly not beyond the seam of the stainless steel case and gets bogged down on it. Unscrew one turn and pull up the stainless steel case a little. Thereafter, screw on. If it is well, the screw goes further now, under the seam of the stainless steel case. On the photograph at the right it is therefore WRONG: screw and stainless steel case are stuck, the handle can move a little.

5. If the head of the screw is deep enough - there where it belongs – and the screw runs heavily and the handle is stuck fixed, give the screw with the big flat screwdriver a last good move.

There you are - that one will not come loose again. Ready!


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