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Cooking Water-less

“Water-less” cooking means cooking food in the least possible amount of water—never boiling. It keeps the flavors fresh and intense. The food is cooked over low heat in specially designed utensils with self-basting covers that hold in steam and drench the food with its own flavorful goodness. Foods retain their natural essences, making vegetables tender and luscious, and meats succulent and juicy.


The simple, basic steps

“Water-less” cooking is very different from traditional cooking because you do not need to add moisture or fats. Everything else you already know about cooking can be applied once you know the “water-less” basics.

Use the Right Size Utensil
Use a utensil that the food most nearly fills or at least is 2/3 full. Cooking with a utensil too large for the food quantity can destroy vitamins and minerals, and cause your food to dry out or possibly burn.

Place prepared vegetables in the utensil and rinse under cool tap water until the water runs clear. Drain off excess water. Add 1-3 tablespoons of fresh water to the utensil, depending on the type of food.

Start on Medium Heatwater-less-cooking3_new
Always use the size of burner that most closely corresponds to the size of the bottom of the utensil. Starting on high heat causes moisture to be driven out of the utensil instead of allowing it to form a water seal. (Only use the “high” setting when boiling water).

Create a Water Seal
Cover and cook on medium heat with the vent in the open position until you hear a low whistle. Move the lever to the close position and gently try to spin the cover. The water seal has formed when the cover spins freely.

Lower Heat
Once the water seal has been reached, reduce heat to the low setting and finish cooking. Now no steam (water) escapes and from that moment on very little energy is needed to maintain this situation.

Don’t Peek
Resist that urge to peek. When the cover is removed during the cooking period, heat and moisture are allowed to escape and the water seal is broken.

Don’t add water!
If a recipe calls for boiling food or adding a large amount of water—don’t! Rinse vegetables, pour off excess moisture, cover the utensil, bring to a water seal, and don’t peek. If a food has natural moisture, like leafy vegetables, you can retain that moisture. If the food is dry, add a small amount of water.

“Deliciously Gourmet”
Rena Ware’s “Deliciously Gourmet” Use & Care/Cookbook has more information on “water-less” cooking, as well as using and caring for Rena Ware cookware. You can find it in our webshop.

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