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Can stainless steel rust?


Rusting stainless steel

Can stainless steeel rust? Yes it can!

When stainless steel is brought into contact with iron particles (eg from the rusting rack in the dishwasher) the stainless steel can rust.

The following (translated) quote is from and gives a more extensive explanation from the dutch, the italics is ours:

Start quote:

Corrosion and protection of stainless steel

The stainless steel of stainless steels is obtained by a certain chromium content (from 12%). The corrosion protection is formed by the extremely thin and transparent, but completely closed oxide film that forms on the steel in the air. The oxide film or passivation layer, which causes the corrosion resistance, is not always present. If the stainless steel has been mechanically processed or chemically stained, the oxide layer has partially or completely disappeared and it will take some time before it has spontaneously recovered. In those sometimes very short intervals, the stainless steel is not rustproof. However, passivity can only be achieved on metallic bare stainless steel. When a contamination covers the stainless steel and thus seals the air, no passive state can be set at that location.
All kinds of impurities on the surface of metals can cause corrosion, with special mentioning iron particles, dirt and organic contaminants for stainless steel. At the location of iron pollution, the oxide film no longer protects and creates local, and therefore pitted, corrosion. Causes of iron pollution are: grinding on the material or nearby, filing, traces of tools, workbenches, storage and transport (rail).

End quote

Just Google on 'stainless steel rusting', and you will find solutions for this. Even if there is put corrosion, there are solutions to stop this.


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