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About the spare parts

The side handles
The Side handle of the older type - the one that maybe looks familiar - is no longer made. In stead of it, there are the newer types 1717 ... 1720. They carry the nice name ‘Flame Guard Retro Fit’ and do really fit exactly on every Rena Ware pan made between 1953 and 1998. The new handles are delivered with a new, longer screw.

RenaWare has changed the mounting of the side handles in 1997. So, for newer pans (post 1997) there are the side handles 1721 … 1724 with the name ‘Flame Guard’.
The two types of handles are not interchangeable because the way they are attached is different.
Although the handles look the same, they are not: while the diameters of the pans differ, the rounding of the handle differs too. When the wrong handle is mounted, you will see a little crack between pan and handle. The crack will absorb dust and dirt.
To determine the size of the pan, measure the diameter of the relevant cover at the underside. (That is: the inner diameter of the pan at the top.)
If you measure:
The pan is a
 When the pan is built before 1997, you need handles   When the pan is built
after 1997, you need
16 cm ¾ or 1 liter pan 1717 1721
20 cm 1½ or 2 liter pan 1718 1722
22 cm 3 liter pan 1718 1722
25 cm 4 or 6 liter pan, fray pan 1719 1723
More 12 or 16 liter pan 1720 1724


The knobs
RenaWare has changed the button of the covers in 1992. For pre 1992 covers, you need button set 1726 for the non-vented covers, and button set 1727 for the v ented covers.
For post 1992 covers, you need the Nutrisense button set 1725.

Rena Lite
We also have RenaLite, the original stainless steel cleanser. It makes the dirtiest pans bright and clean again…

Cover Tip
If your (pre 1992) covers have been a long time without knobs, it is possible that the screw thread on top of it is damaged. It then can not hold a knob anymore – not even a new one. In that case we advise to modify the cover by drilling a hole (of 10mm) in the cover at the place of the screw thread, making it of the same construction as the vented cover. You then will need an extra screw of the vented cover. They are difficult to become, because it is Withworth thread, stainless steel and they have a special shape.

Ordering and delivery
You can order what you need in our web shop or by e-mail, phone, fax, or whatever. It doesn’t matter in what form, as long as it is readable and we can understand it...  If it’s not clear to us, your will get a question: we like to do these things loud and clear. We like satisfied customers. We will acknowledge your order, so you can see what you have ordered, the costs and everything. All your questions will be answered.
After your acknowledge – in the form of a payment – we will notice you by e-mail, so you will know that your payment has succeeded and when – more or less – your parcel will arrive. Your parcel will go on transfer the same day or the next day after your payment. (We are FAST with that part!)
At last

We hope we have been clear. If you have any questions or if you have the feeling anything goes wrong: just e-mail us!

RenaWare Zelfhulpgroep
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(+31)(0)38 332 67 00
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or via the contact form

KvK nr: 05078114
BTW nr: NL138425528B01

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