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Stacked cooking

Stacked cooking is another exciting time and money-saving feature of Rena Ware cookware. Stacked cooking lets you prepare more foods at one time by stacking small utensils atop larger flat-topped utensils, all on the same burner. This is possible because of the cookware’s efficiency in conducting heat. 
To obtain a flat cooking surface use an inverted base utensil as a cover instead of a Nutri Sensor cover.

For best results, heat each utensil on direct medium heat until a water seal is reached. Then stack the utensil on top of another utensil that has already reached a water seal.

Two utensils high is the maximum for cooking, but you can keep food warm for serving in a three-utensil-high stack.  

Some foods, like rice, are ideal for stack cooking. Delicate vegetables like spinach and snow peas should not be cooked using the stack cooking method. Root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips and parsnips should be cut into small pieces to facilitate stack cooking.

"Deliciously Gourmet"
Rena Ware's "Deliciously Gourmet" Use & Care/Cookbook has more information about stacked cooking and the use and maintenance of Rena Ware cooking utensils. You can find it in our webshop.

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